About Coastal Lodge  

"Coastal Lodge is unique in every way"  Mrs Mckinnin Greenock

Here at Coastal Lodge, we  offer you a unique premium service that meets all your dogs needs. 

Coastal lodge is a place where your dog can relax or play  in extensive private gardens after one of the many walks along the coast or in the woodland estate. Your dog will have it's very own individual home for the  duration of the stay;  just for the day while you are at work or for longer when you are away on business or holiday.  We will reassure you by completing a care and support plan to ensure we cover all areas of support as well as any eventualities that may arise while you are away. Giving you peace of mind knowing your dog is loved and cared for.

What people say about us

"I had peace of mind knowing Benji was being looked after by you." AM Gourock