Alternative Therapies

Sometimes our pets have came to us through a variety of circumstances  such as adoption, rehoming charities , rescue centers, Romania or other countries. Our pets may have had multiple homes and in some cases there is no known background story to the life they have had until now. Some of these routes have caused trauma in ways we will not fully understand.


Our pets feel sadness, grief, loss, worry and pain; as well as happiness, joy, excitement, fun and  just as we do  sometimes face confusing and  upsetting times in their life causing them to express their unhappiness in a variety of ways. Here at Coastal Lodge we are able to support you and your pet to work through a variety of issues such as fear and aggression, separation anxiety, and other traits that cause you or your pet to live a limited or restricted  lifestyle.

We use Animal Reiki, Animal communication and Angelic healing (and offer human Reiki too) when shared issues arise. Using animal communication we can support you and your pet to have a more balanced  and happy lifestyle. Please contact us to arrange a therapy consultation. we would love to be able to help you in any way we can.